Spiritual Deer Infuser Teapot ™

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Are you the kind of person who is really particular about your tea and likes to enjoy it with style?

Then this functional piece of art will be a perfect addition to your tea-drinking ritual!
  • Entire transparent glass parts are made with heat proof glass with an ultra-low expanding rate, in layman's terms - it cannot break from boiling water.
  • The rest of the materials include titanium, brass, and tinted baked ceramics with a low thermal conductivity coefficient, so the kettle handle will never be hot.
  • All materials passed LFGB & FDA & SGS testing and have a working temperature range between -10°C and +150 °C  (14°F to 300°F)

More features: 

- Made of heat proof glass, fine titanium mesh filter, solid wood, tainted baked ceramics, and  brass decorative parts
- A perfect gift idea as well as an exquisite tabletop decoration
- Anti-scalding handle with an ergonomic curved shape
- not available in stores

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