Persimmon Tree Teapot

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Elevate your tea experience with our exquisite Persimmon Tea pot. This high-end tea pot is crafted from premium ceramic materials, ensuring durability and a long-lasting performance. The beautiful and intricate design of this tea maker is perfect for tea ceremonies, making it a perfect addition to any tea enthusiast's collection. The Persimmon Tea Pot is designed to brew tea perfectly, allowing for optimal extraction of flavors and aromas. The ceramic material also helps maintain the temperature of the tea, ensuring that it stays hot for longer periods. Its elegant design is not only aesthetically pleasing but also functional, with easy-to-use features that make it ideal for daily use. With our Persimmon Tea Pot, you can enjoy the perfect cup of tea every time, whether you're entertaining guests or indulging in a solo tea experience.

Material: Ceramics
Site: 7.5*6.1(in)
Capacity: 220ml & 220ml

Package Includes:
1 x Base
1 x Teapot lid
1 x Teapot Infuser
1 x Tea filter

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