Persimmon Lazy Tea Set

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Introducing the Persimmon Lazy Tea Set, a delightful addition to your tea ritual. This elegantly designed Kung Fu tea set simplifies your brewing experience, making it perfect for all tea enthusiasts. The stainless steel filter net effortlessly sieves out tea residue, accommodating various tea types, including scented blends. One of the set's innovative features is the magnetic ball mechanism, allowing a hassle-free pour of hot water into your cup. As you place the teacup near the magnetic ball, water flows freely, and when moved away, it automatically cuts off. The teacup's anti-scalding handle and sleek design ensure comfort and style in your tea-drinking moments. Ideal for gifting, the Persimmon Lazy Tea Set is a thoughtful choice for friends, elders, and loved ones on special occasions and festivals. 

Material: Glass+Resin
Site: 10*8.6(in)
Capacity: 350ml & 300ml

Package Includes:
1 x Base
1 x Teacup
1 x Teapot lid
1 x Teapot Infuser
1 x Tea filter
1 x Stainless steel ball
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